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adidas??,Wu Chen think days to blush, but fortunately Lin Yi more generous, did not mention these things to. In fact, because Wu Chen-day due diligence, so Lin Yi accepted him, if he is not to Tang Yun, Lin Yi is also not so easy to accept him. Let Wu Chen-day did not expect that his body is actually almost all damaged meridians, and even their previous practice when some of the internal injuries *** disease, but also to be cured Lin Yi! Wu Chen-day could not help but cheer, and their two bosses, a powerful than a ah!
adidas???,Began to transport your own internal power of heart it. Lin Yi suddenly opened on the Wu Chen days said. Wu Chen days froze a moment, quickly answered, after not dare to neglect, began to run from the internal strength of the Heart to! This operation can be a good turn, Wu Chen-day suddenly felt, from the side of Lin Yi suddenly passed over an majestic infuriating, directly into the body Wu Chen-day days, and Wu Chen-day that had to operate up jerky heart formulas, but Is a moment to become smooth up! Under the surprise, Wu Chen-day not to neglect, but also not afraid to waste a trace of infuriating, although the hearts of shock Lin Yi infuriating to his own how to do, but since Lin Yi to do so, their own If you do not accept, that is more to live up to Lin Yi's good intentions, so he only harder to practice Caixing!
adidas nmd,But no matter what or nothing, they have given up Sun Jingyi, then do not think about things Sun Jingyi. Moreover, there are Lin Yi this boss, but also what Sun Jingyi? Wu Chen-day suddenly relieved, their strength to upgrade, afraid of finding his wife Why? Wu Chen-day did not think that he had such a breakthrough! How long this time? Their home, but from small to large, only to break through to the yellow order, but this effort is within a few hours of home effort to break through, and also become a yellow order, which is too fast a little bit of it ??

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